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Cyder Fundamentals

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    Support for this research has included funding received from:


    Cyder is intended for use with the Cyclus next-generation nuclear fuel cycle simulator.

    Most Cyder core code development at this time will be led by Katy Huff.

    Interested developers are welcome and encouraged to contribute but may experience code instability in the early experimental stages of the project.

    Background Literature

    Background literature related to the Cyder generic geology performance library includes :

    Important Features

    • 4 model options for hydrologic radionuclide contaminant transport
    • thermal specific temperatuer change model for dynamic repository capcity analysis
    • efficiency and fidelity appropriate for fuel cycle analysis

    Learn More

    The Cyder project repository is located at

    Although you do not have to register with github to download and edit the code, if you desire your work to be integrated into the cyder mainline of development you must fork the cyder core repository into your own github account and submit ‘Pull Requests’.

    Once you have learned about the cyder basics, please follow these instructions for getting and building cyder.

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    Support for this research has included funding received from:
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