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Publications Concerning the Cyder Library

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The Cyder Library

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  • Glossary
  • Roadmap
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  • Acknowledgements

    Support for this research has included funding received from:

    Cyclus Developer Guide

    Documentation to assist with the development of Cyclus will be maintained in a variety of forms. If you haven’t already, check out Cyder Fundamentals

    The Cyclus project repository is located at

    Although you do not have to register with github to download and edit the code, if you desire your work to be integrated into the cyclus mainline of development you must fork the cyclus core repository into your own github account and submit ‘Pull Requests’.

    Getting Started

    First things first - read Getting and Building Cyder. After successfully acquiring and building Cyclus, you can begin developing:

    Utilities and Components

    Software Development Aids

    Doxygen Code Documentation

    The definitive documentation of any software is the source code itself. Cyclus will relies on Doxygen for automation of rich documentation from appropriately formatted comments in the source code. Current Doxygen documentation can be found at . This page will be updated nightly.

    Documentation is a make target in the cmake build system. Documentation will automatically be built when you make all. You can build only the documentation by running make cyclusdoc instead of make all or make.


    A video history of our development (video created using gource):

    Relevant xkcd comics: