As the first semester of the ARFC group begins this fall, I’m excited to announce that a number of researchers will join the group.

Alexander Lindsay will be joining us a postdoctoral scholar. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington and received his PhD this summer from North Carolina State University. He will be joining ARFC as well as the Data Exploration Laboratory (DXL) led by Matthew Turk. His activities will emphasize open source advanced reactor multiphysics and his collaboration with DXL may advance visual exploration of simulation results.

Andrei Rykhlevskii will be joining the group as a PhD student. He has a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University as well as a Masters of Science in Finanace from the Financial University in Moscow. His work will likely also emphasize open source advanced reactor multiphysics.

Additionally, a small team of undergraduate researchers will join the group this year. These include Kathryn Mummah and Jin Whan Bae of NPRE as well as Matthew Worley and Yukun Tan who will join us through the NCSA SPIN program.

With the help of all of these researchers, I expect ARFC will really be able to hit the ground running.