Journal Article

The difference between screwing around and science is writing it down. -- Adam Savage

Before Writing

  • Assemble all of the figures and tables.
  • Arrange them in such a way that they tell a story.
  • Make sure that their captions are sufficient to understand the full meaning of each.
  • Is there a gap in the story? Perhaps a figure or table is missing. Create it.

Rules of the Journal Article

A summary paragraph is often the last step, but one should get it right. Consider these ten simple rules for structuring papers. Indeed, the MIT Communication Lab has a whole set of articles of their website on how to write journal articles. Don’t forget the checklist.

After Writing

  • Submit a pre-print to the ArXiv
  • Create a Zotero item in group-pubs

Review Process

The review process is quite a thing.

After Publication

  • Put it in the ARFC Zotero
  • Put it on the ARFC website
  • Put it on your CV
  • Write a blog post on the ARFC website