How to write an ARFC report, have it reviewed, and get a report number.

What is a Report

A report, also known as a technical report, is typically issued by a research institution which evaluates and affirms the work. This evaluation is an internal process and accordingly, reports are not ‘peer reviewed’ literature.

Technical reports are usually produced to report on a specific research need. They can serve as a report of accountability to the organization funding the research. They provides access to the information before it is published elsewhere.

Rules of the Report

After Writing

  • Establish with Prof. Huff the appropriateness of this document as a report.
  • All grammatical and technical errors must be eliminated.
  • Be certain to perfect the writing with the writing checklist.
  • Request a review of the document by your colleagues.
  • When the document has been thoroughly checked, request a review of the document by Prof. Huff.

Report Review

  • A report in the ARFC group must be reviewed by Prof. Huff to recieve a number.

After Acceptance

  • Prepare the report cover page.

Using the Report Template

In the ARFC Github organization, there are several template repositories designed to aid the writing/creating process by giving you a starting place for formatting. To use the report template, select the Use this Template option next to Code.

Use this Template will generate a repository on your GitHub account with copies of all the files in the original, including the Readme file. The Readme will serve as your point of reference for how to initialize the documents and some common errors that occur upon initial startup. Keep in mind that this template has a CC-BY-4.0 License. This license is the standard for written works and reports; however, there are cases where the use of material containing viral or copyleft licenses (such as GPL) can affect the type of license you can use in your report.