Meeting with Katy

Tips for a productive meeting with me.

I look forward to speaking with you virtually or in person.


If you are a student in my class, you should meet with me during my stated office hours for that course.

For everyone else: here’s a url where you can pick a time and place that works for you: It syncs with my calendar. Once you’ve filled it out, we’ll both receive an email that confirms the details.

  • If it’s 5 minutes, try dropping by my office.
  • If it’s 15 minutes, schedule me for a 15 minute meeting.
  • If it’s 30 minutes, schedule me for a 30 minute meeting and come prepared.
  • If it’s longer than 30 minutes, are you sure?


I look forward to meeting with you. I am always open to discuss new ideas with colleagues, group members, students, and potential collaborators. My office door is often open for this reason. However, please be aware that I think my office hours work most effectively if I arrive prepared. To get the most out of your time with me:

  • Send a concise written description of the topic or question (a couple of paragraphs by email) at least a day or two before meeting.
  • If you are coming to me with a programming conundrum, please see this guide before setting up a meeting
  • If you would like to discuss data or theory, I recommend bringing ample diagrams, figures, and tables to our meeting for discussion.
  • Like other humans, I usually need advance time to review something. See this guide on that topic.