Course Planning & Registration

Choosing and Registering for Classes

Undergraduate Students

A list of courses for all students can be found here. For undergraduate students, the NPRE department has compiled an interactive suggested course sequence for undergraduate students, which can be found here. Undergraduate Students should meet with their faculty advisor each semester to discuss career goals and what courses they need to take to satisfy their degree requirements. Students should bring with them a copy of their DARS report as well as a plan for the coming semester.

It’s recommended for undergraduate students to stick to the suggested sequence because some classes are offered only in one half of the school year. The suggested sequence accounts for this and plans accordingly. For students who test out of any classes, it’s important that you talk with your advisor and make sure there are no foreseeable conflicts.

Undergraduate Checklist

- [ ] Review the Detailed undergraduate checklist at
- [ ] Review
      [suggested course sequence](
- [ ] Plan your classes for the following semester(s)
- [ ] Set up an advising appointment with your faculty advisor at
- [ ] Run a DARS audit at
- [ ] Download and fill out a
      [course registration approval form](
- [ ] Review your DARS audit and course registration form with your faculty
- [ ] Make any edits due to course load, class timing, etc.
- [ ] Email your course registration form (with advisor signature) to Becky
      requesting a time to chat with her.
- [ ] Chat with Becky to release your registration hold.
- [ ] Check your time ticket for registration at
      [Student Self Service](
- [ ] Register during your registration period at
      [Student Self Service](

Graduate Students

Each graduate student in ARFC should have a folder in Google Drive shared between them and Prof. Huff. In that folder should be a Student Plan in the form of a spreadsheet.


Before registration for the coming semester, which is around the end of April for the coming Fall semester or the beginning of November for the coming Spring semester, graduate students should fill out their course plan and discuss it with Prof. Huff. Use these links to find the course requirements for the MS degree and PhD degree.

Early Research Assistantship students should be taking 2-3 graduate classes per semester and 4-8 research credit hours. Later, students typically take one or fewer graduate classes per semester and fill the rest of their necessary hours (12) with research credits.

After Prof. Huff approves your course plan in the Student Record, you can request the registration hold be lifted so that you can go ahead and register for classes. To do so, send a polite email to the student office in NPRE (specifically, the graduate student advisor staff member in NPRE), CC’ing Prof. Huff, with a PDF copy of your student record document attached. Let the staff member know that we have discussed the attached course plan, Prof. Huff has approved it, and you would like to request the registration hold be lifted.

Near the beginning of the semester, all students should update their Student Record with the grades they have earned in the courses from the past semester.

Graduate Checklist

- [ ] Fill out your Student Plan
- [ ] Discuss your selection with Prof. Huff during a regular individual
- [ ] Make any edits due to course load, class timing, etc.
- [ ] Email plan to NPRE staff to request that your registration hold be
      lifted. CC Prof. Huff.
- [ ] Register for classes through
      [Student Self Service](
- [ ] Register for Prof. Huff's Thesis Research using CRN 24115
- [ ] Make sure you meet the credit requirements listed at
- [ ] Ensure your previous grades are up to date in the Student Record

How to Register

Registration is done through Self Service. First, click on the link titled “Registration & Records”. Most registration is through “Enhanced Registration”. From there, you can search and register for courses and sections.

To register for Prof. Huff’s Thesis Research, go instead to “Classic Registration”. Add the class “NPRE 599” and make sure to use the CRN number 24115 for Prof. Huff’s section. The CRN numbers for all NPRE instructors can be found here. From there, you can change the amount of credits as necessary.

Helpful Certificates