Creating a Poster

The difference between screwing around and science is writing it down. -- Adam Savage


The constraints of the poster will be determined by the event coordinator. Before you start, make sure you know :

  • The recommended size.
  • How your poster will be attached to the stand.
  • The likely audience.


A LaTeX-beamer-based poster template for ARFC appears here.

Rules of the Poster

  • Bullets, tables, and figures are preferred, rather than text.
  • A viewer should be able to read all text from 5 feet away.
  • Paragraph style text should be avoided.
  • The title, authors, and affiliations should be in large font.
  • Visual variation (outlined boxes, bold or colorful text) should draw the eye to important points.
  • A left-to-right and top-to-bottom flow of information should be maintained.
  • Only essential equations should appear.
  • All variables should be defined clearly at first use.
  • Avoid acronyms.
  • Review the Writing Checklist