Gyu Tae Park

ARFC undergraduate student, Gyu Tae Park, Jack for short, was recognized this month with the 2018 Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award.

Gyu Tae accepted the award at the NPRE Department Honors and Awards Banquet on April 19th. This recognition consists of a monetary award, a certificate, and a listing on a plaque that is permanently displayed in Talbot Laboratory.

In Fall 2016, Gyu Tae joined the group as an undergraduate researcher in ARFC. This semester he is completing his undergraduate degree. Upon graduation, he will return to South Korea to complete his military obligation. We hope he will return to Illinois some time in the future!

Gyu Tae is being recognized for his significant achievements in research as an undergraduate. In particular, he led a project to incorporate geospatial information into the Cyclus nuclear fuel cycle simulator. This work resulted in analytical mapping capabilities which will be very valuable in years to come.
Additionally, Gyu Tae collaborated with other students in incorporating a wealth of data from the IAEA PRIS database into formats appropriate for use in the Cyclus simulator.

ARFC is lucky to have an accomplished group of students. We especially congratulate Gyu Tae on this award as it recognizes a core value of our research group: excellence in scholarship.